Guerric Chupin


I’m a third year PhD student in the Functional Programming Lab at the University of Nottingham. My supervisors are Henrik Nilsson and Graham Hutton.

I’m interested in functional programming (mainly through Haskell, OCaml and recently Idris), modeling languages and synchronous languages.

My roommates call me Chups because they can’t pronounce my name, you can call me that if you’re in the same situation. On social media I go by typochon.


You can contact me on Mastodon where I’m or via email:

email :: String
email = name ++ "@" ++ host
   where dots = intercalate "."
         name = dots ["Guerric", "Chupin"]
         host = dots ["nottingham", "ac", "uk"]



The software I write is hosted on gitlab. Here is a list of the most notable things you will find on it: